R.B.D.F New Entry Training Discontinued


The RBDF acknowledges the quick spread of Covid-19 among its latest intake of recruits currently undergoing basic training. As such, the Defence Force wishes to advise that New Entry training has been discontinued at this time, to allow the proper management and treatment of those testing positive for the virus and to keep non Covid- positive recruits in isolation. Steps have been taken to sanitize the training facility, lodging, classrooms and other common spaces occupied or utilized by the recruits and training staff.

The recruits will continue to be quarantined/isolated onboard HMBS Coral Harbour and monitored closely by the Force Medical Officer, Registered Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians Team. The recruits, who are all asymptomatic and tolerating their exposure well, are on a vitamin and electrolyte regiment to boost their immunity and clear the virus from their system.

Moreover, they have been briefed on protocols to follow should they or their fellow recruits exhibit any symptoms.

Recruits and Instructors are being screened twice daily. Force Medical Officer, Dr. Derwin Johnson advises, “the situation is in control and the recruits will be retested for viral clearance as per international standards.” The remaining three weeks of training will ensue once a medical all-clear is given for these persons. The health, safety and security of all Service Members remain a high priority for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

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