The Traffic Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force conducted a road check operation on Wednesday. Officer in Charge of the Traffic Division Chief Superintendent, David Lockhart spoke to ZNS News about the operation.

He said, “from last year the Traffic Division noticed that there were a large amount of persons who did not have their vehicles licensed and insured. Earlier this year we ran a number of operations but today, March 1st begins the 183 anniversary for the Royal Bahamas Police Force, so the Commissioner saw it fit that we should step up our efforts to ensure that we have safer roads. So we came out today, out of the gates, first day, to let members of the public that what they have been doing will no longer be tolerated. We seen too many accidents occurring where persons do not have any insurance on their vehicle. So I’ll give you a lil statistics. Last year we record some six and a half thousand accidents for New Providence and out of that six and a half thousand lil over four thousand of those vehicles were not licensed and insured and that has a great impact on the persons who are innocent in this. They don’t have an insurance company they can claim from and we saw that in both just material damage accidents and fatality accidents.”

Lockhart appealed to motorists to “abide by all the road traffic rules and regulations. You must have your car licensed. You must have your car insured. They license plate should be the license please for that vehicle and not some other vehicle.”

The Chief Superintendent warned offenders that the police are coming for them.