Sands Cleared to Work

Elizabeth M.P Dr. Duane Sands

Writer: Macushla Pinder

Parliamentarians yesterday unanimously agreed to Elizabeth MP Dr. Duane Sands returning to work within the public health system without having to vacate his seat in the House of Assembly.

The move comes several weeks after the FNM MP resigned as the Minister of Health amid a firestorm of controversy that followed his decision to grant approval for several Americans to disembark a private plane amid the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in The Bahamas.

Also on board the aircraft was hundreds of badly needed COVID-19 tests.

“I have been operating since Election 2017…But, with my duties as a Cabinet minister, I could only do that one day out the month” Dr. Sands said during an interview with ZNS news.

“I have a unique set of skills and I believe those skills should be available to all Bahamians regardless of their ability to pay. And so, as I am no longer a Cabinet minister, I have to get on the frontline and assist in the care of Bahamian patients. That requirement – as listed in the Constitution – is that if you are a member of parliament and have any interest in a contract with the government, it must not only be cleared, but resolved by a resolution of Parliament.”

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