Sands Pushes For Renewable Energy


The Bahamas has been urged to embrace renewable energy as a matter of policy in the face of the harsh reality of climate change.

Former Cabinet minister Dr. Duane Sands sees this as a key strategy to upping the country’s preparedness level.

The call comes as experts predict an above average Atlantic hurricane season. One of the named storms is even expected to impact parts of the archipelago.

“Yes, we must hope and yes, we must pray. But hope and prayer are not effective fiscal strategies. The time for study is past,” Dr. Sands said in Parliament on Thursday.

“…Reliance on fossil fuels limit our moral authority to criticize the rest of the world who has larger carbon footprints. We have loads of sun, let’s use it.”

The Elizabeth MP added that a peculiar conundrum has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Dorian.

“How do we put persons in shelters and at the same time limit the transmission of viruses like COVID-19…We must do this differently and plan for sheltering differently across the Bahamas. And we must make sure our shelters are conducive to social distancing and still provide safety. We are in unchartered waters.” he said.

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