Scotiabank donates $20,000 to Hands for Hunger


Scotiabank has donated $20,000 to support the efforts of local charity – Hands for Hunger – which has been working to alleviate the social and humanitarian impact of the COVID-19 crisis among thousands of Bahamians. On August 28, the Bank presented its contribution at the New Providence Community Centre and assisted with the packing of food items for delivery to communities of persons in need.

“Job loss and therefore hunger, is unfortunately one of the most difficult realities of the COVID-19 crisis which is now affecting thousands across the globe. Here in the Bahamas, we too have been impacted with many persons being put out of work or forced
to live on reduced wages. We are doing our part to help thousands of families and other individuals who continue to be affected,” explained Keisha Ellis, Executive Director of Hands for Hunger.

“Feeding the people of our country, especially at a time like this is important and we hope that this donation will go a long way in helping them to continue the good work. Scotiabank has a long history of being a good corporate citizen and so we are happy to do our part in this regard by making this donation,” said Na-amah Barker, Director, Retail Banking, Scotiabank. The donation from Scotiabank will be used to provide direct assistance through food deliveries and vouchers to thousands of families as well as 25 community organisations that feed specific target groups, including children and the elderly.

“We want to thank the team at Scotiabank for this timely and generous donation. They have always been a huge supporter over the years and we are happy to see that partnership continue,” Ellis further stated. Hands for Hunger remains committed to the elimination of unnecessary hunger and the reduction of food waste through the creation of meaningful and engaging partnerships formed amongst all sectors of the Bahamian community. Globally, Scotiabank has donated over US $2.5 million towards various programmes and initiatives aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19.

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