South Beach Health Centre converted to the South Beach COVID-19 Urgent Care and referral centre


The Ministry of Health wishes to advise the general public that the South Beach Health Centre officially opens tomorrow, 20th April, 2020, as the South Beach COVID-19 Urgent Care and Referral Centre. The Centre will only be accessible to COVID-19 related cases. Patients eligible to utilize the services of the South Beach COVID-19 Urgent Care and Referral Centre must be referred by the –

 511 COVID-19 Call Centre Hotline;
 the Rapid Response Team; and
 the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Walk-in patients MUST MEET THE CRITERIA for moderate mild illnesses associated with COVID-19 AT THE ENTRANCE to be permitted for services. The Ministry of Health announces that NO VISITORS will be allowed on the premises. Consequently, all residents living in the South Beach area are requested to access the Elizabeth Estates Clinic or any other health care facility of their choice for medical services.

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