Statement from the Min. of Social Services on erroneous claim Circulating on Social Media


The Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development and the Department of Social Services takes this opportunity to refute the claim circulating on social media that one of its walk in client’s received only a $9 Food voucher. The Department of Social Services provides, as part of its Food Assistance Programme, Emergency Food Assistance for persons presenting at their Centres in need of food.

Those persons are usually given a $50 Food voucher to address their immediate need, and are later assessed by social assistance providers to be placed on the Temporary Food Assistance Programme, on which the client can be placed for up to three years. At the time the walk-in client presented, the $50 Vouchers had been exhausted due to the increased demands for food assistance as a result of the presence of the COVID-19 Pandemic in The Bahamas.

To address the immediate need of the walk-in client, a caring social services representative, seeking to provide the walk-in client with as close to the maximum amount of $50 as possible gave the client a $40 voucher in addition to a $9 voucher, for a total of $49.

The Department does facilitate $9 vouchers, but only to further facilitate those families, and/or persons, who qualify for the maximum monthly benefit of $189. The Ministry and the Department of Social Services wishes to advise the general public that at no time will anyone presenting to one of the DOSS Centres seeking Emergency Food Assistance, or any other Food Assistance, solely receive a $9 voucher.

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