Junior High Students move on to National level of Young Chef Culinary Competition

K’shante Gomez is also shown speaking to the judges during the contest. Chef Gerald Rolle observes Kareem Thompson as she works on her flour dish and she also presents her dishes to the three judges. (BIS Photos/Derek Smith)

K’shante Gomez, a student of T. A. Thompson Junior High School, and Kareem Thompson of D.W. Davis were the first and second place finishers of the Young Chef Culinary Competition. Both students have been entered into the National Young Chef Junior High School Competition. Acting Education Officer Raquel Turnquest said the plate presentations and cooking methods of both students were at an “exceptionally” high level.

“It is obvious that the students in junior high school have the capability of competing in this competition and presenting dishes that rival anything that you see in a gourmet restaurant,” said Ms. Turnquest.

Some of the dishes entered in the junior contest are also pictured below:

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