Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Atlantis Stalls Opening

The Atlantis Resort will delay it's opening until the 30th of July. Prime Minister, the Most Honorable Dr. Hubert Minnis made the announcement in Parliament this afternoon after speaking with resort executives.

Emergency Orders Still Stand

The Government averting a free for all with the dawning of new COVID-19 emergency orders. In a last minute move, Governor General, His Excellency Cornelius Smith yesterday signed a new Proclamation of Emergency which took effect at midnight.

Emergency Powers Not Yet Extended

Despite building anticipation, the Emergency Powers COVID-19 Orders have not yet been extended. Prime Minister the Most Honourable Dr. Hubert Minnis on Monday tabled a resolution which would push the orders to July 31, several weeks after...

Buddy Covid Positive

Bahamian sharp shooter Buddy Hield has tested positive for COVID-19.It is unknown where the 27-year-old may have contracted the virus; however, earlier this month, he played in the Skinz League Tournament in Oklahoma in a gym crowded ...

PLP Senators Blasts Budget

Mincing no words, Opposition Senator Michael Darville dismissed the government’s proposed fiscal plan as one that lacks both vision and creativity. Taking his party’s lead in contributing to the debate on the 2020/2021 Budget in the Upper Chamber, Dr Darville charged that in order to reduce public debate, the government must not only find ways to reduce expenditure and at the same time boost revenue.