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YMCA report on effects of Hurricane Dorian: From surviving to thriving

Hurricane Dorian smashed into Grand Bahama on September 1 st , 2019 with sustained winds of 185 mph, torrential rains and relentless flooding, causing70% of the island to become submerged. The horror hung over the island for a seemingly interminable 40 hours, the slowest moving hurricane ever. It swept away houses, killed an unknown number of people, devastated the landscape, spilled oil from storage tanks and knocked out all power and water supplies.

Mission Accomplished: CPS Cleans Up Abaco’s Mud

The post Dorian cleanup of a densely populated, unplanned area with poor sanitation and sub- standard dwellings was a complex, environmentally hazardous, recovery project...

Disaster Reconstruction Authority Meets with Hundreds of Marsh Harbour Residents

Hundreds of residents of Marsh Harbour were in attendance at a town hall meeting Thursday night hosted by the Bahamas Disaster Reconstruction Authority and...