Sunday, July 5, 2020
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New Firetruck for Abaco

A corporate giant has made Abaco’s journey to full restoration post Dorian a bit easier. Family Guardian recently donated a firetruck following a visit to the hurricane torn island a few months back. “We, in partnership with Sagicor, donated $75,000 to Marsh Harbour’s

Campbell Commends Government’s Response to Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19

Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie A. Campbell, commended the Government of The Bahamas for its response in the aftermath of the monster storm, Hurricane Dorian in 2019, and to the COVID-19 Pandemic this year.

Sands Pushes For Renewable Energy

The Bahamas has been urged to embrace renewable energy as a matter of policy in the face of the harsh reality of climate change. Former Cabinet Minister Dr. Duane Sands sees this as a key strategy to upping the country’s preparedness level.

Sands Decries Dorian Death ID Process

A former health minister today decried the way those who lost their lives or deemed missing in Hurricane Dorian were identified, charging in the House of Assembly that it was not done “very well.” The official death toll in the aftermath of Dorian was pegged at 74. The actual death count and reconciliation of missing people is still unknown.

Gov’t Continues With GBIA Purchase

Despite the setback, the government is pushing ahead with its efforts to purchase the hurricane torn Grand Bahama International Airport. However, in the event the structure has to be rebuilt, its resiliency is key, according to State Minister of Grand Bahama, Senator the Honourable, Kwasi Thompson.