Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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BTC introduces new Digital ID for Essential Services Team Members

BTC recently introduced a new mobile digital identification card as part of its COVID-19 initiatives, making it easier for authorities to identify its essential services team members. Senior Director of Technology Operations, Andre Foster said, “BTC is in this together with our Government, our employees, our customers and our communities and we are committed to doing all that we can to assist, where necessary, with the fight against COVID-19. As an essential services company, we developed an innovative method of identification to easily recognize our core team members assigned to work during the restricted hours.” Here’s how it works:

‘Telemedicine up 400%-500% since COVID,’ Could spell the end to crowded...

Dr. Arlington Lightbourne used to get four or so calls a week from someone asking him to diagnose what’s wrong over the phone. Today, he and his team in Central Eleuthera, Spanish Wells and Nassau are averaging that in a half day. COVID-19 may be doing for telemedicine what all the attempts at persuading people to pick up a cell or tablet and dial a doctor could not – fast-tracking the case for telehealth, the practice of diagnosing much of what patients flock to a doctor’s office for without them ever having to leave their home or office. “At least half the cases can be diagnosed by telemedicine and you can cut your office visits in half if you have a robust telemedicine platform,” said Dr. Lightbourne. From the patient’s point of view, that ‘platform’ is not complicated, though the physician’s office has to schedule efficiently and have instant access to patient records.

The Urgency of Taking Climate Action Now

OVID-19 has upended life as we knew it in The Bahamas. However, as we deal with the widespread impacts of the pandemic, it is critical that we do so in a climate resilient fashion. This global crisis underscores many characteristics of our country that make us not only vulnerable to the pandemic, but also to the widespread effects of climate change. Reliance on tourism, weak food security, high levels of economic inequality and vulnerability to climate events have all led to challenges in addressing COVID-19.

Research Forum Examines Long-Term Strategies to Make Economy More Resilient

The COVID-19 crisis has refocused attention on the need to diversify The Bahamas’ economy as a critical pillar of sustainability. The pandemic’s crippling impact on the tourism sector was the focus of a recent research discussion at University of The Bahamas (UB). While presenting at the virtual Research Edge forum recently, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Dr. Vik Nair, a professor of sustainable tourism, said establishing a viable agriculture sector will reduce the impact of current and future crises, while undergirding healthy communities. Dr. Nair noted that a fetal reliance on tourism is no longer sustainable, adding that all it takes is one significant enough external economic shock to expose the fragility of the tourism industry in the most unflattering way.

One additional confirmed COVID-19 case

The Ministry of Health confirms today that there is one (1) additional confirmed case of COVID- 19. This brings the total number of confirmed cases to sixty-five (65). There have been seven (7) confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Grand Bahama, fifty-six (56) confirmed cases in New Providence, one (1) confirmed case in Cat Cay, and one (1) confirmed case on the island of Bimini.