Tourism Minister Apologizes


Writer: Macushla Pinder

Tourism Minister the Honourable Dionsio D’aguilar has apologized in the wake of public outcry following a wedding in Harbour Island that violated emergency orders and social distancing protocols.

The tourists wedding went viral on social media, just two day after a national weekend lockdown was imposed.

“Obviously, the hotel operator, in which this event was taking place, started to ask the necessary authorities and so it all went up the chain of command. I can’t deny I was part of the request, but it was a decision that was considered…I think there was another wedding approved as well…I guess we failed and I apologise for that. We failed to inform people that there always is the option to appeal to the competent authority for exemption if you feel the case is compelling…,” the minister accepted.

“It caused a lot of consternation. It was a learning experience for us and we’re trying to prevent that moving forward and on behalf of the government, I deeply apologize.”


  1. It takes a Very Noble Statesman to apologize ! If only Washington would emulate. Be Safe Bahamaland,
    Prayers from New York during this CovidCane period.

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