Tourism Phased Reopening


Writer: Macushla Pinder

Tourism officials are taking a phased approach to reopening that crucial sector of the economy.

While the prime minister has given the go ahead for commercial flights to begin July 1, the plan is for the country’s borders to do a test run two weeks earlier.

“This phased approach will begin on June 15th when boaters, yachters and private aviation will once again be invited to experience our destination,” Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Dionsio D’Aguilar announced during a virtual Tourism Readiness and Recovery press conference on Tuesday.

“We will begin with these smaller special interest groups as they provide a more controlled segment to test our measure. They all will pre-register electronically allowing health officials to determine their risk level.”

During this period hotels will also be allowed to reopen.

The minister said this would allow staff to return to work to put in place all the measures required to ensure hotels are ready for the full opening.

Some 82 per cent of the country’s visitors are from the United States and seven per cent from Canada, representing nearly 90 percent.

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