U.S. Collegiate Basketball Players Inspiring a New Generation of Girls

Gonzaga Basketball coach shows girls fundamentals of shooting a basketball

The U.S. Embassy was honored to partner with the National Sports Authority and Battle 4 Atlantis organizers to create a rare opportunity for almost 80 girls ages 10-12 years old to connect with talented U.S. collegiate players and coaches. 

The University of Texas and Gonzaga University women’s basketball teams as well as the Brigham Young University and Butler University men taught the girls the fundamentals of basketball: shooting, layups, defense, rebounding, dribbling, and passing. However, the clinics offered so much more.  The girls learned from the U.S. players and coaches that hard work, a great attitude, and good character are essential to success, not only in sports, but life in general. 

Since the inception of the Battle 4 Atlantis, hundreds of players and coaches have engaged personally with their Bahamian hosts and in doing so, have left feeling much more fulfilled and enriched by their experience.  The women teams’ impressive talent and interactions with the students inspired one of the Bahamian coaches to vow to support and watch women’s basketball moving forward. 

Girls and women are often underrepresented in sports, and the U.S. Embassy, along with their Bahamian counterparts, is looking to inspire young women to be more involved and to help level the playing field. 

More photo highlights below:

University of Texas women’s basketball team talks with the students about teamwork

Kelsie Johnson, Director of National Sports Authority, address the girls and Brigham Young University