UB Study: Youth Stressed


A study conducted by University of Bahamas researchers have found that young people, ages 18 to 24 years, experienced the highest levels of COVID-19 stress in comparison to other age groups.

While the study does not specifically identify what is behind this, it was determined that older individuals more vulnerable to the virus demonstrated the lowest levels of stress during the pandemic.

“This suggests that any anxiety present in both groups related to catching the virus and becoming sick or dying was small in relation to other concerns,” the study found.

“Previous research suggests that the adjustment to online schooling for college students, a lack of social outlets and uncertainty about the future may be some of the factors that raise stress levels in the younger age groups. More specifically, Bahamian youth are not only battling uncertainty but also economic prospects and the stress of another hurricane season following the disaster of Hurricane Dorian. These combine to increase the stress of an already uncertain future. Interventions that focus specifically on this demographic should be regarded as an imperative.”

The research was led by Dr. Stephanie Hutcheson, Niambi Hall-Campbell-Dean and Mr. William

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