Update on citizenship backlog


Immigration officials say the department is increasing efforts to address the backlog of applications of persons seeking Bahamian citizenship.

Minister of Immigration and Financial Services, the Hon. Elsworth Johnson says the process is progressing well.

“Dealing with that in a strategic, reasonable and objective way and saying that; listen, we want patriotic, committed and loyal persons to come in and deal with it.

“Also, economic permanent residency. How do we broaden that, to cause persons who want to come live, work and invest in the Bahamas to make that process easier?

“With digitization we are now to the point where we say, ‘if you bring in your applications’. Because we have had some complaints and we have been saying to investors, ‘check your agent’. Sometimes people bring applications and they are not properly done” Johnson said.

Minister Johnson is urging applicants to ensure that they follow proper procedure so that the process will move quickly.

“So, if you want to come and live in the Bahamas by way of economic permanent residency, where you purchase a home, we want to know that all the taxes are paid.

“Don’t bring to us a document that is not stamped and properly recorded. We are doing that so when we get that, we can almost give provisional approvals in a day” he said.

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