Bahamian Artist Hosts Virtual Concerts For A Cause


Bahamian entertainer Sharade Taylor is hosting virtual concerts to assist those in need.

Taylor told ZNS News, “I know that I personally don’t have so much funds that I could help everyone. However, God gave me a gift which is my voice. And so I decided okay, let me use my voice to try and raise money for these people that are in need.”

Taylor says the money goes directly to the go fund me account or bank account of the person he is trying to help. “I wouldn’t see it myself it would just be off what they tell me.”

As to what’s in it for him Taylor says, “I’m not doing it for praise, so let’s clear that. I’m doing it to help people but, of course, you always get feedback. And so the feedback so far from the community is okay this is something good, this is something that can catch on.”

Taylor hopes to expand the virtual concerts to include other talent.