BCC Sits In On Controversial UB Lecture Series


President Apostle Delton Fernander and other members of the Bahamas Christian Council sat in on a LGBTQI lecture series being held at the University of The Bahamas (UB).

The Christian Council had voiced concern about the lecture series on Sunday when they met at UB and spoke to members of the media calling for the lecture to be cancelled.

On Thursday outside of UB’s Performing Arts Center Fernander said, “we’re here as members of the public to come and represent the interest of God. So we want to hear what is being presented, I think we’re being invited to do our own event, so we want to hear what we will respond to.”

Fernander went further saying, “we’re not picking on anybody. We represent Christ and we want the country to know we will stand for righteousness whether its heterosexual, whether its homosexual, whatever sexual you are we’re here for the things of Christ.”

The theme of the lecture was ‘Black Bahamian Subject Formation: From Non Subject To Subject’. President of the Union Of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas Daniel Thompson spoke at the event. He said, “listen to what they have to say and when we return to our own sphere, our own space, in our own congregations we are able to now speak very intelligently about what is happening in our society. And whether we realize it or not its not just happening in our society. Its happening in our churches, in our schools, in our jobs, in our communities.”

Activist Erin Green was also in attendance at the event. She told ZNS News, “while you can hold your position that you don’t agree with something. You also have to the boundary that your disagreement doesn’t allow you to be violent towards someone and also it calls you to recognize how violence operates and how you maybe being violent even when you’re not being physically aggressive toward somebody.”

The lecture series is being held as part of Pride Week.