Bimini PLP Supporters Unite To Discuss Plans For Late MP Services


Supporters of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) on the island of Bimini gathered at their headquarters to pay tribute to their late Member of Parliament, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe and to make plans for his funeral service.

In attendance at the event was former Chief Councillor Robbie Smith who spoke fondly of the late MP. He said, “he really pushed and pushed and pushed for Bimini which in Bimini right now is on the map really and Bimini is doing real great when it come to tourist and all the cruise port. So everything is looking good but its just a sad occasion to know we lost a giant.”

Smith said that PLPs on the island are focused on the services for Wilchcombe. “We are trying to see how we could make provision for us to head to Freeport. We were looking into airlift as well as on the water.”

The former Chief Councillor also commented on the upcoming by-election. He said, “we have some people in mind but, like I say, we don’t want to stir up nothing because, you know, it could be a touchy situation and we’ll wait until, you know, we hear from, I guess Nassau and we get together as West End and Bimini.”

The Cabinet Office has announced that a state funeral will be held for the late Hon. Obie Wilchcombe on Thursday, October 12th at Christ Church Cathedral, New Providence.