A benefit concert and tribute has been planned in honour of Rev. C. B. Moss.

At a press event announcing the concert Rev. Moss’ son gave an update on his condition and recovery. Carlton Moss Jr. said, “his mental state is unbelievable, his spiritual state is even more unbelievable. The only impediment right now is his physical condition. He is trying to learn how to walk again through physio therapy and that is basically his only challenge.”

Also on hand at the announcement was President of the Bahamas Christian Council Apostle Delton Fernander who spoke about the upcoming event. He said, “this is a good time to show appreciation for one who has given his entire life not only to the churches, not only to the work of the gospel, but the Bain Town community has been a benefactor of what Christ’s love looks like. And I want to challenge us as Christians, as those that have stopped me all around this country that have asked me how is he doing, let’s come together and see for yourself. Let’s hear the testimony. Let’s give to Sir with love.”

Rev. Moss, who is also a former senator, collapses during the Majority Rule church service on January 10th at St. Agnes Anglican Church.