Cable Bahamas Staff Donate $8000 to MOE, Rotary and CBL’s Connectivity for All Campaign


Scores of employees from The Cable Bahamas Group of Companies came together this past Thanksgiving to provide tangible support to families in dire need of internet access, through the Connectivity for All campaign. Connectivity for All is a multi-level corporate social responsibility initiative across the CBL brands including REV, ALIV, Cable Bahamas Business Solutions and OUR TV. The sister companies are collectively providing subsidized home internet, data equipped devices for virtual school, WiFi in public spaces and The Bahamas Learning Channel for students across the country.

This particular campaign was also birthed out of a partnership between the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies, The Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas and the Ministry of Education, all in hopes of mitigating the effects of the economic and digital divide for families and students within our archipelago. Team members from all of the company’s subsidiaries came out by the dozens to donate their personal resources to provide critical connectivity for those in our most vulnerable communities.

More than $2,000 was collected in cash during the Thanksgiving fundraiser with more than 50 employees stopping in to make a personal donation. Other employees donated online using the Together App by ALIV. The collective tally in donations from both employees and executives since the launch of the campaign currently stands at more than $8,000.

Mr. Franklyn Butler II, CEO stated in a message of gratitude to his team, “I am overwhelmed at the tremendous gesture of giving
from each of you. I am proud to say that we’ve raised in excess of $8,000 substantially exceeding our goal of $5,000. I know that everyone has their own needs and many of us our struggling in the face of this pandemic so for you all to step up the way you did is simply extraordinary. I’m blessed to lead you.”

If you would like to make a donation, need assistance or would like to refer a family in need please visit,
lifeline for details or make a donation to the Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas – Connectivity For All Campaign at

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