The Fishing Hole Road has been closed to motorists since last December due to hazardous driving conditions. West Grand Bahama Chief Councillor, Jimmy Smith reopened the Fishing Hole Road in Grand Bahama to traffic this week.

He told ZNS News, “having the same problem in the district in communicating with Ministry of Works. We would have called several times in reference to this. We would have seen persons on the causeway numerous amount of times but no action. So today we decided to take action. We went out here couple of times, I think about three times, with our administrator who would have spoken with Ministry Of Works, with the other entities that has the responsibility. The problem is we don’t know who is responsible for what.”

Addressing the safety of the road Mr. Smith said, “they’re slipping on it when the weather is bad, when its raining. We gat some good days ahead of us. Whilst this causeway is open we’re talking to the power that may be, now you can work on the lower road which is the service road.”

In a press statement the Ministry of Public Works announced that work will begin on the Fishing Hole Road on March 6th. Bahamas Hot Mix will carried out the work.