A social media video in which a consumer on Grand Bahama addressed the price of bread at a super market on that island has gone viral. In the video, while showing two loaves of bread, a man can be heard saying “a loaf of bread in one supermarket with VAT is $8.25 and in the other supermarket with VAT is $4.07, no man that can’t be happenin’.”

The video prompted price control to investigate the issue. Chief Price Inspector Reno Smith said, “every Monday, Wednesday, Friday our inspectors inspect all of the stores. We sent our officers to the two stores in question, one that had the bread at eight something and other that had the bread at four something and amazingly enough while inspecting the other stores we found the same bread priced at a different price above the four but less than the eight dollar mark.”

Smith further stated, “our initial investigation lead us to believe that the items were overpriced considering that we found other stores locally who’ve purchased the bread item from the same local supplier that this conglomerate is selling for eight dollars and change and they also making a profit has it less than eight dollars and change.”

Smith advised that the person in the video who purchased the bread should return it for a refund.