Conversations About Business Forum


BTC hosted a business forum on the triumphs and pitfalls of entrepreneurship for local entrepreneurs at Fusion Superplex. Panelists included Founder and Fund Manager of Greenwood Self Storage Funds Travis Mack, Attorney and NFPLA Certified Contract Advisor Rocco Scarfone Jr. and Owner/Operator of I-Scream Rolles Julian E. Rolle.

Mack told attendees, “I think what I’m most proud of is, you know, over my twenty eight plus years of being an entrepreneurs and starting many, many businesses and failing many, many businesses is the ability that I have now to be able to give back. I am passionate about helping kids. I’m passionate about education and that’s going to be one of my legacies as far as trying to help someone else. So if I don’t leave you with anything, you’re going to help somebody.”

As to what he is proud of Julian Rolle said, “I’m really proud of starting my business I-Scream Rolles. Anybody that knows me is like totally out of the scope of what I would normally do. It was challenging to start but now I’m here. I’m doing something that’s different. I’m pleasing a lot of people. I’m serving happiness and I’m just pushing ahead and just moving forward to grow my business into the biggest ice cream business in the world.”

Panelist Rocco Scarfone Jr. advised, “don’t give up at first. It’s not an overnight success, everything doesn’t happen overnight. People think, you know, if I’m going to become an entrepreneur I’m going to see success right away. It takes time, nothing happens overnight and Rome wasn’t built in a day. And so its not always going to be easy, its not going to be a nine to five. You’re going to work long hours but at the end it will pay off.”

The event was hosted by Valdez Russell.