Lawrence Carroll Previews Latest Production


Dance Instructor Lawrence Carroll of the Lawrence Carroll Dance Academy will host a production to showcase the talents of his students.

Carroll says a production is held at the end of each season. This is his thirtieth season. “I collectively do all the choreography, set up all the numbers with all of the students from age four to adult. I also have included a burlesque group which is the more mature dancers. So I get a chance to experiment more with them because they are older,” he said.

Carroll also noted the theme of the upcoming show is Fashionista which is also the name of the first number of the show. He said, “throughout the show I choreographed melodramatic pieces, the first half of the show more softer easier going stuff and the second half is more upbeat. We get a little bit wilder, a little bit crazier. We deliver more ethnic stuff because I teach ballet, stretch, choreography point and adage.”

The latest production of the Lawrence Carroll Dance Academy will be held on July 2nd at the University of The Bahamas.