Dengue Fever has been confirmed on the island of Grand Bahama. Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville commented on the issue outside of Cabinet on Tuesday.

Darville said, “I believe we have three confirmed cases in Grand Bahama. The possibility of an admission, if that’s not the case, or maybe two.”

To combat the virus the Minister said officials are investigating, fogging mosquitoes and going from door to door.

The Health Minister said, “from the last Dengue outbreak in The Bahamas of any severe proportion in 2011, the serotypes were 1 and 2. And so if there’s an immunological profile in the country it is for 1 and 2 which means there could be some people exposed to Dengue with 1 or 2 and had very mild symptoms and didn’t know you had Dengue. And then there are some who are exposed and have severe forms of the manifestation of Dengue.”

Dengue Fever outbreak was initially contained to the island of New Providence before cases were confirmed on Grand Bahama.