Diplomatic Week hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been underway in the capital this week at the Baha Mar Resort.  The events came to a conclusion on Thursday evening with a ceremony to honour Bahamian diplomat George Stuart.

Head of the Diplomatic Committee, His Excellency Ron Pinder spoke with ZNS News on the sidelines of the event.  He said, “tonight is very significant because we get a chance to honour a very unique Bahamian, a son of the soil, originally from The Bluff, Eleuthera.  Someone who has toiled and laboured for many years on issues that the average Bahamian benefit from but may not necessarily understand.  And that is the law of the sea, the demarcation of the territorial boundaries of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the designation of The Bahamas as an archipelagic nation state.  These are very significant, they did not just happen. It took hard work.  It took years of research, years of negotiation and we’re still in the midst of negotiations with the United States of America.  Some years ago we would have concluded the negotiations with the Cuban government and so the work continues. And so tonight is very fitting honour.  A very fitting end to Diplomatic Week and we’re very, very pleased that they family has consented to join us here as the government of The Bahamas, the brain child of the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Philip Edward Brave Davis who gave the go ahead to honour George Patrick Stuart in this manner.”