Water & Sewerage Corporation Area Manager Tony Scriven lost his life in an industrial accident on Sweeting’s Cay on October 6th.

Consultant at the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Loretta Butler Turner spoke with ZNS News to give an update on the investigation that has been launched into the matter.  She said, “Water and Sewerage has been totally concerned for the family and of course to ensure that all answers that need to be discovered are done.”

The case is currently before the Coroner’s Court where it will be determined if an inquest is necessary.  “Given the fact that this is definitely an industrial accident.  Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the Water and Sewerage Corporation and obviously there are answers, not just for the family, but definitely for the Corporation as well,” Butler-Turner said.

Police are also investigating that platform holding the water tanks that fell on the deceased.  Butler-Turner said, “it’s impossible to have a full fledged investigation without looking at the site.  The site obviously has not been, you know there’s not been any work on it since so obviously, you know, we much ensure the integrity pf whatever took place there, that any investigations are not hampered by any changes.”

Scriven was employed at the Water and Sewerage Corporation for two years.