Environmental Stakeholders Sign Memorandum of Understanding


Towards ensuring a more sustainable Bahamas, the Ministry of National Security hosted a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing with local and international partners in an ultimate effort towards protecting The Bahamas’ maritime natural resources and wild life on October 20, 2022 at the Ministry’s Headquarters located in the Sir Orville Turnquest Building, JFK, New Providence.

WildAid Marine, The Nature Conservancy and multiple Bahamian agencies have been partnering since 2018 to assess and alleviate some of the burdens on the fishing industry. This partnership has led to the formation of a number of results oriented initiatives meant to elevate Maritime Domain Awareness, increase success in investigating and catching foreign poachers and providing direct support to the men and women charged with protecting Bahamian resources.

The MOU acknowledges this continued cooperation between namely, the Ministry of National Security and its agencies, The Nature Conservancy, Wild Aid Marine, Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources, Ministry of Labour & Immigration, Ministry of Finance and
the Bahamas National Trust (BNT).

Representing WildAid, Mr. Mike Cenci remarked “It’s not hard to find examples of nations that have virtually none of its former natural self-left…the land was ravaged, clean water is almost non-existent, fish and shellfish populations have crashed – Communities have to go further and further to find a wildlife protein source. We all know that won’t happen here – because you have organizations, ministries, and agencies focused on managing and protecting your environment like the ones represented here today.”

According to Minister of National Security, the Honorable Wayne Munroe, K.C., this MOU facilitating the Marine Action Partnership (MAP) for Sustainable Fisheries represents a step in building capacity for the existing Law enforcement agencies in the country that are tasked with
maritime protection and the fishing industry.

It also will be beneficial towards providing technical exchanges and training assistance for the Bahamas Wildlife Enforcement Network, which will be a comprehensive wildlife environmental law enforcement agency for the country. Minister Munroe thanked the various agencies for their involvement in the protection of our natural resources, and looks forward to the continued partnership between the named NGOs and government agencies, which will play a vital role in the overall success of this multi-year project.

The partnership includes work in the areas of patrol and investigative strategy, inter – intra agency coordination, policy and procedures development, training and mentorship, tool acquisition and maintenance, education and outreach, communications, and impact

Also in attendance at the MOU Signing Ceremony were: Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Mrs. Cheryl Darville; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance,

Mrs. Janice Miller; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour & Immigration, Mrs. Cecilia Strachan; Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kenwood Taylor; Deputy Commander Defence Force, Captain Shonedel Pinder, Director, Bahamas National Trust, Mr. Eric Carey, Senior Law Enforcement Advisor and Officer for WildAid, Mr. Gregg Casad and Mr. Mike Cenci, respectively, and MNS Legal Counsels and BahWEN representatives.

From: Bahamas Information Services

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