Renessa Cartwright the daughter of Neville Wilson Cartwright is expressing concern about his whereabouts. According to Ms. Cartwright her father has not been seen in more than three weeks.

Ms. Cartwright says her family became suspicious after her father did not report to work for eleven days. She said, “I would have gotten a call from my cousin while I was at work and she said that he was missing for eleven days and his work was starting to get worried and that’s where we pretty much found out. Its not like him to not show up to work.”

Mr. Cartwright, a resident of the Malibu Reef area, is a former police officer and is in good health with no known mental issues. His daughter says that she became more suspicious when she did not hear from her father on her birthday. Ms. Cartwright said, “I went to places that I know he lived at, I searched there, I looked for him and from there I went to the police station and did a missing person report. I let them know the information I received that its been eleven days since he last checked in at work. He hasn’t picked up his last check and no ones heard from him.”

Ms. Cartwright is appealing to the public for any information about her father. Mr. Cartwright is the third person reported missing in the past three months. Stephanie Chisholm and Shaquille Ferguson are still classified as missing. Police are investigating all of these matters.