Police officials were on the scene of the country’s latest homicide which took place on Finlayson Street over the weekend.

Police Press Liaison, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings provided details about the incident. She said, “when our department was notified via shotspot technology of multiple gunshots being heard near Finlayson Street. On arrival to the area, information received is that two males a 28 year old male and a 19 year old male was seated on a wall just to my right when two males emerged from a southernly direction on Finlayson Street and approached the two males. They opened fire on the men resulting in both men being shot multiple times. The 28 year old male succumbed to his injuries on scene and the 19 year old teen was taken to hospital via private vehicle where at present his condition is unknown.”

While appealing for better conflict resolution, Skippings also said, “crime is not out of control. Let me say that there are specific people who have conflicts, specific people. There were persons in the community tonight, they came specifically for two people, its not out of control. The thing, like I keep saying to you, as a people, our young people don’t know how to resolve conflicts, that’s the bottom line. There’s no reason become alarmed or to say its out of control or the police can’t handle it. What we’re seeing right now is a manifestation of a social problem that we have. Its social problem and its one where young men have not been given the skills that they need to resolve their conflicts. As you know men have an ego and as opposed to sitting down and trying to talk some men prefer to actually fist it out or pick up a weapon. We have to be able to tell our young men listen picking up a weapon does not solve the problem rather it escalates the problem.”

According to police the 28 year old victim was on bail in connection with a murder charge.