Women from all sectors of society joined together to march in the Dame Doris Johnson National Women’s Unity March on Sunday. The march began on Bay Street and Bank Lane and ended at the Western Esplanade where a concert took place. The event was planned by the Independence Secretariat as part of the 50th anniversary of independence celebrations.

Head of the Independence Secretariat, Her Excellency, the Hon. Leslia Miller was on hand. She told ZNS News, “today I would say is truly historic, as this would probably be one of the first times that we’re recognizing women who are the first. Whether it was the first governor general or the first female meteorologist so today we’re celebrating our firsts. Its really those foremothers, women today we stand on their shoulders. Our slogan said ‘Let’s Walk In Unity and Embrace Equity’ and the women are here in full force. They’re here to participate, they’re here to show their support to Dame Doris Johnson who we salute today and who this march is named in her honour. And so its a pleasure to see all of them here.”

Women of the armed forces, civic organizations, labour unions and other groups participated in the march.