As the number of people infected with COVID-19 rises internationally, officials at the Ministry of Health and Wellness assures the public that they are closely monitoring the situation.

Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Michael Darville spoke to reporters this week on the issue. “First of all COVID has never gone away and as you can see what’s going on around the world, every country is seeing a slight spike in cases, there’s no difference in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. We do not have a direct flight from China to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and most people who come from China they have intermediary stops. Those particular stops there’s some protocols in place so there was no urgency for us from our EOC to implement any testing in our country. With that being said, its a very fluid situation, we’re monitoring it and if we feel that there is a need to increase or intensify the protocols we’ll do so. At this point, no need to do it.”