History Of The National Motto


The Bahamas motto found on the Coat of Arms was authored by Vivian Moultrie and Melvern Bowe both eleven year old students. They entered a contest for the motto to be incorporated in the coat of arms designed by Hervis Bain.

Vivian Moultrie, who still lives in Inagua spoke to ZNS News about the accomplishment. He said, “I had a teacher at that time by the name of Joan Stubbs. She was definitely one of my role models, was very instrumental in helping me be the person that I am today. I would be remiss if I didn’t speak of E. J. Bowe who was the principal at Inagua Public School at the time, who was really big on education. He was involved in the community. He was definitely ensuring that the students he principled at the time would be successes in The Bahamas. And of course my father who was instrumental in ensuring that we were focused and my mother who was the kind of person who ensured that you did your homework, you spent some time reading everyday to ensure that we had the development that we need to progress in life.”

ZNS news also spoke with Dr. Melvern Bowe who now resides in the United States. She commented on how the 50th independence is being celebrated in South Florida.

Photo credit: Bahamianology