Ukraine Update


The Ukrainian Ambassador to The Bahamas, His Excellency Sergiy Kyslytsya sat for an interview at the Broadcasting Corporation voicing his concerns about the impact should the Black Sea Grain Deal not be renewed. The deal between Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine allows the safe transport of grain and other items from Ukrainian ports.

Kyslytsya said, “so far we see no indications from Moscow that Moscow is willing to extend the deal. Who will suffer in the first place, I mean country’s that so much depend on the import of grain and other food. So I think that if Moscow does not agree to extend the grain deal that will be only to the detriment of many countries that are either already experiences hunger or on the brink of hunger.”

The non-resident Ambassador also commented on the ongoing North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meetings where Ukraine’s President is in attendance. “The issues on their menu are of continental and transatlantic importance. Its not just about Ukraine or about Sweden. Another issue that is so so dear to the Ukrainians hearts is the clear perspective on the eventual membership of Ukraine in the alliance,” Kyslytsya said.

As the war between Ukraine and Russian rages on, Kyslytsya says that he is happy for the support of The Bahamas and other countries.