Island-wide Christmas Hamper Distribution Honors Grand Bahama Families


The Freeport Light Industrial Park on Grand Bahama Highway was buzzing with activity on Saturday December 19, 2020 when 205 families in need, from settlements across Grand Bahama, were given a holiday package. The hampers included a ham, turkey, grocery staples, and ingredients for traditional Bahamian holiday sides. Toys were also given to families with children.The festive drive-through event featured holiday tunes mixed by local DJ, “Daddy Steelie”.

Contractors Direct Ltd, which comprises the Do It Center, The Home Design Center and its newest addition Andiamo Ranch, along with Gold Rock Corporation Ltd were assisted by a generous donation from the Blessed Trinity Catholic Church of Ocala Florida for this event. Staff members of the companies eagerly volunteered their time to ensure that the distribution was able to take place efficiently.

Various churches throughout the island were contacted to assist in identifying the beneficiaries, with an emphasis being placed on churches outside of the main Freeport area. Recipients waited patiently in line prior to the start of the activity and were grateful for the assistance during the holiday season.

Human Resource Manager for the group of companies, Alistaire Pinder, stated, “The past year has been an extremely difficult one for Grand Bahama. Our community suffered severe, consecutive shocks from Hurricane Dorian and the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to offer practical support for families. The holidays can be even more challenging when you have lost loved ones, or your home or job. We wanted our friends and neighbors to taste kindness, and be able to face the coming year with hope.”

“We also wanted to honor the resilience of the people of Grand Bahama. In this field, we hear incredible stories of endurance. We have such deep respect for the ways people are rebuilding their lives. We supply building components and home furnishings, but courage and resolve are the real building blocks of the families and communities who outlast tough times.”

Mr. Pinder emphasized that employees were honored to participate in the holiday distribution. “In times like these, we recognize that work itself is a privilege. It was important for us to share the vulnerability of the community, and offer practical help. Hope has to look like something. When you work in construction, you see those who can afford to rebuild and unfortuanately, also those who cannot. We are all aware that there are many who are still struggling. We are also aware that industries like ours are helping Grand
Bahama recover, and we are humbled to be able to strengthen the community we call our home.”