Bahamas Striping Group of Companies (BSGC) will launch the Let’s Make A Difference Food Drive on November 23rd.  An initiative to feed 10,000 Bahamians across the country for Thanksgiving.

According to Executive Chairman Dominic Sturrup 7,300 meals have been confirmed.  Sturrup explained, “the week before Thanksgiving everything is gonna be shipped over.  So let’s look at Abaco, Andros, Exuma so the ham and turkey will be shipped over.”

BSGC President Atario Mitchell spoke of their various partners who have coming together to make the initiative happen.  He said, “so we reached out to Hand For Hunger, they were more than pleased to be a part of this initiative.  As well as other partners we have on board, we have Sandals, we have Baha Mar, we have the Feeding Network.  And what we wanted to do is not so much do something new but to partner with organizations or individuals who have feeding programs that they do themselves.”

Sturrup appealed to the public for donations saying, “if you can donate one ham, one turkey, we’ll take that.  If you can donate a pack of rice, we’ll take a pack of rice.  But what this initiative is, its about Bahamians working together to ensure on Thanksgiving Day 10,000 Bahamians are fed throughout the Bahamas.”