Government officials led by Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis traveled to the island of Bimini for a contract signing for the redevelopment of the South Bimini Airport estimated at a cost of $80 million.

In his remarks at the event Prime Minister Davis said, “an airport is a gateway to a locale, the first experience visitors to this location will have, making a first impression long before they get to experience the rest of the beautiful island.  As we improve the airport experience we’re ensuring that we make a good first impression for those visiting Bimini and a great final impression for visitors as they depart. Though Bimini may be on the western edge of the archipelago,  it sits firmly at the forefront of our minds and our development agenda.”

Also addressing those gathered for the signing ceremony was Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Infrastructure, Jeremie Ebie who said, “I want to assure every member of our community that this project has been considered with the utmost consideration for this beautiful environment and way of life.  We recognize that Bimini is not only a place of business, it is a home and sanctuary of natural beauty that we are blessed to inhabit.  As we move forward we will ensure that our development is sustainable, that is respects the delicate balance of this ecosystem and that it enhances that lives of all who call Bimini home.”

Development rights of the airport have been transferred from the Airport Authority to the Bimini Airport Development Managing Partners.