Mask Mandate for Educational Institutions Relaxed


The Ministry of Health & Wellness advises the public that effective 14th November, 2022 the mask mandate for all persons in an indoor classroom setting in an educational institution has been relaxed. This amendment is reflected in the Health Services (COVID 19)(PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT OF COMMUNITY SPREAD)(AMENDMENT) Rules, 2022. The requirement to wear a face mask remains in effect for persons in the following settings:

  1. All persons (patients, visitors, vendors, workers et al) accessing a public or private healthcare facility (clinics, hospitals, laboratories, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices etc.) for any reason.

  1. Any visitor or non-residential worker of a long-term care residential facility.

The public is reminded that some persons will continue to prefer to wear a mask for protection from COVID-19 regardless of the setting; their choice to do so should be respected by all.

The Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health & Wellness will continue to monitor the in-country and global COVID-19 pandemic situation and provide science based public health recommendations necessary for the health and safety of citizens and visitors of The Bahamas.