The Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, the Hon. Vaughn Miller is in Grand Bahama this week. While there, he met with executives of Equinor in East Grand Bahama. Equinor suffered major damage to five of their oil storage facilities in Hurricane Dorian in 2019 spilling approximately 119,000 barrels.

The Minister said, “ultimately we want the people of Grand Bahama to be the primary beneficiaries in this, so that’s our primary concern to make certain that they know that the government that we are for the people, we care for our people and we want the best for our people.”

Minister Miller expressed that he is pleased with the oil clean up efforts at Equinor saying, “when you deal with oil facilities, the risk of cancer, you know its higher than in other areas. So from a commercial perspective, I was very concerned, extremely concerned but based on the results that we are privy to, I’m satisfied that they’re in compliance.”

The Minister promises that the results of the oil spill cleaning will be made public in short order.