The Member of Parliament for Central and South Abaco, the Hon. John Pinder commented on shanty towns on Abaco.

Pinder said, “buildings that are built illegally without proper permitting and on land that’s not theirs, its within the parameters of our current legislation to remove. The minor setback from the ruling was only to encompass and expedite what we are looking to accomplish. So it will not deter us and we will move forward. We will have order in Abaco and throughout The Bahamas.”

The Member of Parliament went further explaining that these shanty towns, “don’t have the proper infrastructure and besides they are build without permitting on land that they do not own. There is no proper infrastructure so there’s no sewerage systems. So the water table in Abaco spreads throughout the island of Abaco and if you taint one section of it all of the water table is tainted. So this goes hand and hand with sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.”