The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies (BSGC) has partnered with four family island companies making it possible for them to conduct infrastructure improvement works on their respective islands. The partnership is funded by $50 million in lending from Jamaican lenders acquired by BSGC.

Elton Symonette of Quick Fix Construction in Rock Sound, Eleuthera spoke with reporters on the sidelines of BSGC’s 14th anniversary celebrations. He said, “its important because, if you travel Eleuthera, Eleuthera have a long and winding roads. You know we have a lot of traffic incidents there, deaths, other injuries. But its very important for this project to come to Eleuthera because I can tell you we need it.”

Another beneficiary of the partnership is New View Construction. Peter Kemp of New View said, “its a life long dream to do something like this in Long Island and its it done. You know I’ve been fighting with the project for two years and I finally got it going. I feel like a king actually. Anything to help Long Island, help me and my family and everybody else…”

One of the lenders making this partnership possible is Proven Wealth Limited of Jamaica. President and Chief Executive Officer of Proven Wealth Luwanna Williams as on hand at the BSGC event and spoke to members of the media. She said, “the company has demonstrated to us that they’re very committed, they’re very competent. The projects that they select we can see that they put a lot of thought into those projects and those projects align with what we’re trying to do.”

Williams continued, “we’re always looking for opportunities to diversify our investments in our Jamaican portfolio and The Bahamas when we came here, we visited, we fell in love with it. We saw all of the infrastructure that was going up and we really wanted to participate in that.”

Bahamas Striping Group of Companies is currently working on the Exuma Road Improvement Project which in partnership with the Government.