Passengers booked on flights at the Lynden Pindling International Airport experienced delays on New Year’s Day. Vice President of Operation at the Nassau Airport Development Company, Jonathan Hanna spoke to the issue.

“As expected with both heavy air traffic and passenger volumes the day after New Year’s is typically one of, if not, the busiest day that we have at the airport. And so, this is quite typical for this time of year. We had a few extenuating circumstances today particularly with airspace saturation which is where we have an extremely large volume of air traffic within the airspace. And so, its not uncommon to have some delays during this time but it was all hands on deck. As always it was a true collaborative approach that we have between all airport partners as it has been for the entire holiday season. And so, we’ve continued to work hard to keep people and air traffic moving as safely and as efficiently as possible during this time.”