Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. team donates $2,100 to the Cancer Society of The Bahamas

Nassau Cruise Port Cancer Awareness

Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. (NCPL) employees stand with the women and men around the world who have been affected by breast cancer, the survivors and the thrivers, and with the families that support them. Recognizing the ongoing and tireless work of The Cancer Society of the Bahamas, as they support so many in the fight against all types of cancer, the team at NCPL personally donated $2,100 to The Cancer Society for their vital and comprehensive commitment to all persons affected by this horrible disease.

“Members of The Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. family have been touched by breast cancer. Our team did not hesitate to support such an important national cause. All around the world cancer afflicts males, females, children, and the elderly. It does not discriminate. It is important that we all do all we can to combat this deadly disease.” Said Mike Maura Jr., CEO of Nassau Cruise Port Ltd.

According to, health officials estimate that 300-500 new cases are diagnosed each year, and 48% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer in The Bahamas were under 50, with the average age of diagnoses in the Bahamas at 42. In the United States the average age for diagnoses is 62. It is reported that 44% of Bahamian women with breast cancer were diagnosed with stage 3 or stage 4 cancer, meaning women in our community are being diagnosed later and are younger.

“For me it’s simple, if donating means that it can help save persons and save their family that’s enough. We should all be encouraged to donate, especially for such diseases like this, because cancer doesn’t pick and choose who it goes after”. Said HR Director Dorothy Duckie of Nassau Cruise Port Ltd.

Nassau Cruise Port encourages the Bahamian community to get mammograms and medical check-ups regularly, and to encourage family members and others to do the same.