National Symbols Licenses


The Minister of National Security appeared at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday where he clarified use of the national symbols for merchandise and paraphernalia.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe said, “I was advised by that section of my ministry that they have a task that they do, they look online and as people advertise products with the flag or coat of arms they check to see has this person obtained permission. If they have no problems, if they have not they reach out to the person.”

The Minister also addressed the status of popular Bahamian retailer Bahari that was recently found to be in breach of the law. He said, “the Bahari folk who advertise broadly and put a email address in their advertisement were emailed and they did not respond. I think I made it clear we intended to enforce the law and you ought not lose thousands of dollars of inventory for the want of $20. I’m made to understand that they denied knowing about the press release in May twice, the press conference on Monday or having received the email. But they found their way into the ministry yesterday, paid their $20 and got their approval.”

Officials of the Bahari Clothing company release a press statement refuting claims on social media that the government has seized their products and that a lawsuit had been filed against them.