Cornish Has Full Backing Of PM


Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis has weighed in on comments made by the Member of Parliament for North Abaco, the Hon. Kirk Cornish. While speaking at a banquet in Cooper’s Town Cornish referred to himself as the Prime Minister of Abaco. The Office of the Prime Minister has since released a statement from Cornish apologizing for the statement.

In response Prime Minister Davis said, “I think he misspoke. When I read his full statement it was clear that he was speaking about the role he plays in the Office of the Prime Minister in Abaco. He’s my Parliamentary Secretary assigned to the Prime Minister’s office in Abaco and I think it was taken out of context. And he misspoke and I think he has now realized it and he has indicated that he misspoke.”

Davis also commented on calls for Cornish to resign. “His position is safe in my administration. Those persons who deem it’s necessary that he should resign that’s their view. We all have a view and opinion. I don’t fault them for their opinion unfortunately its not their call its my call. And having reviewed the matter, having looked at it, having seen what he had to say about what he had to say, to me its a question of no harm no foul.”

Cornish is also currently under by the Royal Bahamas Police Force for allegations of rape made against him.