Compass Power is set to provide the island of Abaco with a solar power plant.

The company’s principal Justin Cunningham spoke with ZNS News about the importance of the venture especially post Hurricane Dorian. He said, “it definitely highlighted the need for sure. We’ve been building power systems, here locally, for about twenty years and its been traditional diesel facilities and the transition to renewable energy with Dorian, with the timing, with regulation and regulatory changes encouragement and incentive from the government to get to that renewable threshold that they’re targeting. Through a very horrible event it really jumpstarted, I would say, renewable energy in the country as a whole.”

Cunningham went further stating, “helping residents in Abaco I think its one from an opportunity prospective, helping people learning how to install solar so that they can maybe do it on their own prospective up there as well and just getting a higher level of renewable energy penetration up there. Its good, its positive, its kind of the way that we need to move.”