Officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force conducted a walkabout in the Fox Hill community on Monday.

The delegation was led by Chief Superintendent Eugene Strachan who told ZNS News, “most of us will fully appreciate the fact that to see the Police within their communities, number one, it helps to mitigate against the negativity that fear of crime and then the would be perpetrator will think again. And the good part about it is that other division has also embark upon the saturated patrols so it will help in a great deal. We still asking members of the public, however, if you see something share that with us.”

Fox Hill resident Jillian Moss said, “we was never like this with this crime and all of a sudden this crime building up. It ain safe now even to go on the park and all is not safe. My kids, I used to taking them out on the park, it ain’ safe no more.”

Another area resident, Sonia Dill says she would like to see more police presence. “Fox Hill itself has a lot of issues especially with the teenagers. We need the police help with the Fox Hill Community Center, maybe we can do some more after school programs, some youths, sports activities for the youngster,” Dill said.