PHA Welcomes new PAHO Country Rep

Left to Right: Keva Thompson, PAHO; Anthone Ward, Director Shared Services, PHA; Melissa Wright, Legal Advisor, PHA; Eldonna Boisson, Country Representative, PAHO; Catherine Weech, Managing Director, PHA; Esther De Gourville, Former Country Representative, PAHO; Judy Terrell, Director of Communications, PHA; Anne Smith, Director Human Resources, PHA

Officials of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) called on Senior Executives of the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) on Thursday 4th February 2021. It marked the first official meeting between the PHA and PAHO’s new Country Representative, Dr. Eldonna Boisson. Dr. Boisson took up her new post effective 27 January 2021.

Left to Right: Dr. Eldonna Boisson, Representative The Bahamas and Turks
and Caicos Islands PAHO; Catherine Weech, Managing Director, PHA

During the brief meeting, PHA Managing Director Catherine Weech took the opportunity to thank outgoing Country Representative Dr. Esther De Gourville, who she described as someone who became a part of the PHA Family because she worked intimately with the Authority on so many critical projects in particular in the past few years. While presenting farewell gifts to Dr. De Gourville, Weech said, “You will always be a part of our PHA family, and your substantial role representing PAHO in response to Hurricane Dorian last year as well as your continued efforts to assist the Bahamas during the ongoing COVID pandemic and other ongoing health initiatives proves that indeed you are a friend to The Bahamas.”

– Left to Right: Dr. Eldonna Boisson, PAHO; Catherine Weech, PHA; Dr. Esther De Gourville, PAHO

In welcoming Dr. Eldonna Boisson she noted, “We are appreciative and encouraged by the historic relationship that we’ve had with PAHO, and we seek to ensure that we continue to enjoy a level of comradery, a level of professionalism and a level of support that you would bring to the work that we do.“

Providing a snapshot of current PHA projects, Managing Director Weech briefly outlined two major capital projects underway; the Urgent & Emergency Care project at Princess Margaret Hospital which is anticipated to conclude the current phase of construction works within a few weeks; and the four (4) tier expansion of the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama which was authorized by the Government last year.

Left to Right: Dr. Eldonna Boisson, PAHO; Catherine Weech, PHA; Dr. Esther De Gourville, PAHO

Dr. Boisson made a very brief statement, “I am glad for the opportunity to get a partial face to face this afternoon, and I look forward to my time here and getting down to work continuing the collaboration that has already started and building some new ones as we go from strength to strength.”